About our oil

Why we think its the best.

Parthena meaning ‘Virgin’ in the Greek language, depicts the product which we take pride in selling – Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Our product is not blended, refined or altered in anyway.


This premium extra virgin Olive Oil is from the Southern Peloponnese in Greece. Greece is considered one of the 3rd top ranked oil producers in the world, being the number one supplier of extra virgin Olive Oil.  We are geared to sell a superior organically grown product which has not been altered.  We respect that it’s a natural and healthy product with a delicious flavour for all to enjoy. The Peloponnesus region gives us a unique product and a new identification in this growing market.

The oil is 100% pure & organically grown.  The oil is produced from a variety of olives called Koroneiki, which produces a small fruit.  The high ratio of skin to flesh gives this variety a special coveted aromatic quality.  The oil we import is pure and natural juice of the olives that is superior to every other fatty substance.  This natural juice is produced from the olive tree fruit (olives) by crushing and pressing  without the addition of chemical refinements or further processes. The oil can be immediately consumed to enjoy its aromatic nutritional taste & biological elements with a natural fresh aroma.

Parthena Inc. purchases bulk Olive Oil directly from the producers in the Province of Ilias in Southern Peloponnese, Greece.  The oil is purchased directly from the olive press which keeps the oil genuine, clean, organic and covets its aromatic qualities & acidity.  The bulk oil is bottled and labelled from the distributors following the high Canadian Standards in order to export to Canada.

The customers that have tried the oil so far have been chefs, gourmet food store owners, and speciality grocery’s to the general household.  All have complimented on this superior quality product and look forward using it in the near future.