Dodi Balsamic Vinegars Launched!



Parthena is proud to introduce an amazing line of Dodi Vinegars which compliments & enhances our fantastic line of Extra Virgin Olive Oils & spices.


Acetaia Dodi Artisan Balsamic Vinegars are produced in Modena, Italy using traditional methods dating back one thousand years.  The vinegars age in small wooden barrels, which impart densely sweet flavours and aromas.  Made only from grapes, they are 100% natural and contain no additives or preservatives.
Furthermore all our products are Gluten Free and Celiac Friendly.

Famiglia Dodi is aged for ten years, producing a very sweet, very dense, almost syrupy vinegar, perfect for accompanying desserts, fruits, and cheeses. It pairs well with figs, sweet berries, gelato, and panna cotta, but may be at its best when drizzled over freshly shaved parmigiano reggiano. Famiglia Dodi, because it has aged for so long, has such a mellow acidity and refined sweetness that it can consumed by itself as an apéritif. Suggested retail price $29.99 for one 250ml bottle.

Capriccio Antico is aged for eight years, resulting in higher sweetness, mellowed acidity, and complex flavours imparted by the wood. This delicate balance is ideal for finishing meats, seafood, roasted vegetables and for inclusion in marinades and sauces. The sophisticated flavours in Capriccio Antico will elevate your favourite foods to the next level.

Condimento Bianco Barricato is perfect blend of White Wine Vinegar and White Grape Concentrate Must after is aged for 12 months in small open barrels gives life to a Fragrant, Structured, Soft, Intense, Unique condiment. It is exceptional if used directly on all the salads and also naturally on all the vegetables in general. With some little trick it can be a fine basis for food decorations, appetizers, dishes of fish, shellfish, white meat like chicken and pork.

Bianco Barricato Pearls – Made with the with drops of white condiment ( Bianco Barricato), they are a precious help to give a touch of originality to a refined and innovative cuisine. Ideal for starters decorations, salads, seafood, salmon, marinated anchovies, canapés,desserts, cocktails.

IGP Balsamic Pearls – Made with high quality balsamic vinegar drops, they are a precious help to give a touch of originality to a refined and innovative cuisine. Ideal for starters decorations, risottos, pumpkin cream and leeks soup, salads, seafood, desserts, cocktails and ice cream.


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