Why is clear plastic or glass packaging bad?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is very sensitive to light, air and heat. Given the proper storage conditions you olive oil should last you over a year without any issues. Olive oil is best stored in a dark place that stays at room temperature, like a cupboard. NEVER store olive oil in the refrigerator as it will coagulate and lose its flavor. It will stabilize again at room temperature and is still good but it is not advised. salad dressings and such are fine in the refrigerator but may need to me mixed once removed from the cold. Parthena’s Food Grade Stainless Steel packaging is excellent because it keeps out the light, and air keeping your products fresher longer. Also, because we don’t use glass you can show off your great new oil on your table or counter top without worrying about it losing quality!

It is also advised to NEVER buy any olive oil in clear packaging for these same reasons, clear glass and even 75% of tinted glass does not protect the olive oil. Many cheaper suppliers have been known to use tinted glass to simulate the quality of Italian glass – which has a dark green appearance and built in UV protection. The Chinese glass may look green but does not have the UV resistance.

Tin cans used for the larger 3L sizes and larger are also used for packaging which do eliminate light, but recent studies have shown that the acidic properties of olive oil can react with the tin which ultimately degrades the quality of the oil. 

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