Olive Oil is Safe and Effective Natural Household Cleaner

Olive oil is safe and effective to use in your home to clean, maintain, and repair just about anything that needs special attention. Besides the effectiveness of using olive oil for household chores, it’s also very safe to use with no harsh and toxic chemicals.

Many of the commercial cleaning products sold in regular stores and supermarkets are all chemical-based cleaning products (even if they claim to be organic) and include safety warning labels. High-quality olive oil is a cheaper and safer solution than buying many different cleaning agents.

Cleaning your house can be a real chore, but it shouldn’t comprise your health along the way. Another health benefit of olive oil is that it is a safe, natural and effective alternative to using many of the chemical and petroleum-based cleaning products and polishes.

  • Polish furniture to give it that extra shine – Try three parts water with one part olive oil; or two parts olive oil with one part lemon. It should leave your furniture shiny and clean.
  • Polish plant leaves – Just mix olive oil with water and spray. It will leave the plants dust-free as well as giving it some shine.
  • Get rid of the creaks on doors and hinges – Use a few drops of olive oil for lubrication.
  • Clean and polish those tile and hardwood floors – Mix several drops of olive oil with an equal number of drops of lemon juice and apply it on a dry mop or broom and oil-mop the floors. Be sure to sweep the floor clean beforehand to wipe away all dirt and dust. No need to use more than a few drops of olive oil and lemon juice to get the job done.
  • Clean wax off inside candle holders – If you’ve ever lit a candle inside a candle holder, you know how much of a pain it is to remove all the excess wax. Well, the secret to preventing wax from forming in the first place is to use olive oil!
  • Remove paint from skin – Olive oil is a great lubricant and solvent to help remove oil-based paint. To remove paint from your skin or hair, just use extra-virgin olive oil on a soft cotton cloth and wipe away clean.
  • Clean and preserve wooden utensils and cutting boards – Olive oil can definitely help to preserve any wooden cutting boards. After washing it in soap and water, dry it clean or leave it to dry naturally. Once fully dried, just wipe it with olive oil.
  • Preserve knives – The best way to preserve knives is to always wipe them thoroughly dry right after washing with soap. This is what I do every time I use my best and favourite knives in the kitchen. You can then place a small amount of olive oil on a towel and lightly oil the blade of the knives.  You can also sharpen the knives by sliding two knife blades together, holding one still and moving the other against the blade in a crisscross motion. This is probably an old technique that is still commonly used today. It’s simple and you don’t need to buy a knife sharpener.

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