Parthena Oil Arrives!

With over a year of planning, research,  hard work and remarkable dedication we are pleased to announce that  Parthena Extra Virgin Olive Oil has finally arrived in Canada! As of November 15 2011, Ten tons of our finest Olive Oil landed in Port Metro Vancouver after a journey of more than 10,796 nautical miles (19,994 km) across the ocean.

Once just a dream, now a reality, Parthena Extra Virgin Olive Oil will soon be lined on store  shelves across Canada and available for your pleasure. We have traveled back and forth from Canada to Greece to ensure that our customers receive only the best!  Endless hours were spent researching, preparing, taste testing and designing before we could proudly announce that its here. It will board a truck and make its way to your favorite specialty stores and restaurants very soon.

For all specialty stores, distributors, restaurants and everyone else who enjoys high quality products who are interested in using and promoting our products please contact us to make arrangements to try our products.

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