Stephanie Miller

As my husband and I were visiting Canmore in recent weeks, we frequented a specialty French Café which was heavenly.   All of their menu items looked amazing and hand prepared, let alone tasted out of this world from our samplings.

During one of our visits, I noticed a small display of Ancient Greek Extra Virgin Olive oil packaged in crisp white cans of various sizes.  Attached to the display was a brief write up of the product, its origin and founder Rosie Lefler of Parthena Olive Oil.

With a keen interest in olive oil, I was extremely excited and purchased four one liter cans to bring home to Ontario.  In chatting with one of the Café’s employees she confirmed that they used this product in most of their menu.

My experience with Parthena olive oil has been like no other in that it enhances the flavors with a clean crisp taste to many foods, not to mention using high heat does not burn or smoke like many other oils.

This oil by far is superior to many other so called Extra Virgin oil on the market.

It is not blended, refined nor altered, not to mention the health benefits with its high level of antioxidant.

Once tasting this pure and clean product there is not going back to the confusion of many supermarket displays!!

I would highly recommend this product as you will not be disappointed!!

Stephanie Miller

From Ontario

Stephanie Miller