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I’ve been using Parthena Olive Oil for a few years. It’s the best in my opinion. You can actually
consume a tablespoon of it everyday for good health. It’s delicious on salads, and can be mixed with
Balsamic vinegars to make a salad dressing. Even good to sprinkle over top of pasta. Well worth
the cost to get best quality compared to typical grocery outlets. I’ve given samples to friends who
are also now using it.

VernMedicine Hat, Alberta

This is the best olive oil I have ever tasted! The first time I tried it was in a wine tasting and I fell in love with it! I Love dipping my bread in it…Soooo good!

Bea McCollCalgary

I recently tried your olive oil while I was in Meridian when you were set up there. I just had to let you know I’ve since used it cooking on it’s own and it is truly the best olive oil I’ve had and I’ve worked in many restaurants over the years. Anyway I just wanted to send a thanks along to you!

Brandon MounseyTsawwassen

I absolutely love the EVOO as well as the Dodi white balsamic vinegar. I was fortunate enough to be able to sample most of the vinegars at a market on Steven Avenue 2 years ago and I have not gone anywhere else since!! By far the best.

Sandra MacKinnonCalgary

I had the chance to meet her and hear her story while at a Calgary market. I love the history and the process used to make this oil.It is absolutely delicious and remains well preserved in the stainless steel container. Definitely my go to olive oil from now on. The Balsamic vinegars are amazing!


This is hands down the most delicious and smooth olive oil I have ever used!!! Love it!!!

TraceySweetLegs Cambridge with TraceyCambridge, ON

As my husband and I were visiting Canmore in recent weeks, we frequented a specialty French Café which was heavenly.   All of their menu items looked amazing and hand prepared, let alone tasted out of this world from our samplings.

During one of our visits, I noticed a small display of Ancient Greek Extra Virgin Olive oil packaged in crisp white cans of various sizes.  Attached to the display was a brief write up of the product, its origin and founder Rosie Lefler of Parthena Olive Oil.

With a keen interest in olive oil, I was extremely excited and purchased four one liter cans to bring home to Ontario.  In chatting with one of the Café’s employees she confirmed that they used this product in most of their menu.

My experience with Parthena olive oil has been like no other in that it enhances the flavors with a clean crisp taste to many foods, not to mention using high heat does not burn or smoke like many other oils.

This oil by far is superior to many other so called Extra Virgin oil on the market.

It is not blended, refined nor altered, not to mention the health benefits with its high level of antioxidant.

Once tasting this pure and clean product there is not going back to the confusion of many supermarket displays!!

I would highly recommend this product as you will not be disappointed!!

Stephanie Miller

From Ontario

Stephanie Miller

Literally the BEST EVOO and Sea Salt ever!!!!!! If you have not tried, then it is a MUST.

What I really love about the oil is, it’s an EVOO yet it is light, not heavy and thick, or bitter tasting.

It is absolutely perfect. Great job!!!!!


Wendy Newman

I was gifted a Parthena olive oil for Christmas and it was life changing! First off, the design of the can is stunning. The oil is beautiful and delicious and I plan to try everything else as I’ve only heard amazing reviews on it!

Kristin BairdAdministrative assistant

Writing this testimonial was really quite easy, as the products offered by Parthena are wonderful to say the least.
The olive oil is excellent and a joy to work with as the flavour is so pure and enhanced everything I have utilized the oil for in cooking.
The Condimento Bianco Barricato combined with the Parthena olive oil made the most wonderful dressing for salad I think I have ever seen.
I highly recommend these products along with the sea salt, oregano and other vinegar’s from Italy.
Chef / Alf Saunders

Alf SaundersExecutive Chef / Alf SaundersHome Pewrsonal ChefCalgary

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