Who we are

A little bit about us.

Parthena EVVO is 100% pure and organically grown from the press to your kitchen and thats how we like it.


Parthena Inc. is a privately owned import company which imports specialty high end Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the southern Peloponnese, an area of Greece in which our family history is heavily rooted. Becoming enthralled with this industry we have set out to provide North Americans with the highest quality of oil, at an affordable price. Our product is not blended, refined or altered in anyway. We respect that it’s a natural and healthy product with a delicious flavour for all to enjoy. 

How we're different.

Parthena olive oil has a distinctive taste and flavor that stands apart in comparison to different olive oils of the world. It is flavorful and kind to your pallet, leaving no oily residue. It is not blended, refined or altered in anyway. Our oil is 100% pure and organically grown.

Parthena supplies an oil that is harvested yearly and utilizes specialized packaging to keep the oil fresh and full of flavor. Packaged beautifully in a modern food grade stainless steel canister, the light, air, and heat can be minimized resulting in a higher quality product that retains its flavor. Our packaging safely secures its aroma, nutritional value, as well as many other beneficial properties associated with it.

By keeping our product out of large wholesalers, we are able to keep our quality high and keep our prices affordable to our consumers. With this in mind we offer a great olive oil for all to enjoy. You will find our products at many local farmers markets, trade shows, specialty stores, and restaurants that wish to carry the highest quality products.